AstroWatt reduces the use of Silicon in high-efficiency solar cells for dramatic cost-savings

September 1, 2011
AstroWatt awarded $1.5M in grant under the Sunshot Initiative from the U.S. Department of Energy

August 10, 2011
AstroWatt demonstrates 15% Cell Efficiency on its SOM® Thin Silicon substrates

June 30, 2011
IEEE PVSC: "AstroWatt bets on exfoliation in ultrathin-silicon cell stakes"

Semiconductor on Metal
Semiconductor-on-Metal (SOM®)
AstroWatt's Semiconductor-on-Metal technology creates an ultra-thin silicon metallic that is strong and flexible enough to be routinely handled in volume manufacturing with existing process and automation equipment.
Litho-less Local Back Contact
Litho-less Local Back Contact (LBC)
As silicon thickness decreases, performance of the thin crystalline cell is enhanced with the formation of local back contacts and a back reflector.